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Welcome to Yumalish.com! Thank you for trying us out.

Yumalish.com is an online database of Internet resources. We didn’t say “database of websites” for good reason. The Internet is bigger than the World Wide Web, and we don’t want to limit our catalog of useful resources to the Web. We don’t have gazillions of links in our database because our aim is to bring you more relevant search results. Who needs 60 million results from their search engine query? “Less is more” is a definite truth when it comes to searching for a needle in a haystack as big as the Internet. To that end all resources entered into the index are carefully hand-picked by real human beings. We never let spiders dump links, sight unseen, into the database. The choice of which resources we should feature is made by real humans.

Getting Started

Upon arrival, you will see the 25 most recently added resources to the Yumalish.com database of resources. You are welcome to browse around and familiarize yourself, or take a look at our list of tags. Most users will want to dive right in, though, and will enter a search query for whatever they’d like to find that they have in mind.

Remember that Yumalish.com is primarily keyword-, or tag-based. Meaningful tags are assigned to each resource as it is added to the database. So go ahead and add a few words into the query form, click ‘Submit’ and see what happens. If you get no results try again.

How We Pick Resources

We try to pick pages to add to the index that we believe will last a long time. Quite a number of factors are considered when evaluating an Internet resource showing promise as a candidate for database entry.

Anatomy of a Results Page

A Resource’s Details

Each and every resource in the Yumalish.com index has its very own webpage. This webpage offers extended details beyond what is available in results listing.